Urgent Care Software Mobility

Mobility: Practice on the Go

Designed to work on desktops, laptops, tablets and iPads, UrgiMD is a powerful platform that provides you mobility and the connection you need no matter where you are. Our web based software gives you the freedom of movement, the ease of mobility and the power of access. Anywhere. Anytime.

Many in the healthcare arena have been hesitant to implement an EHR system into their practice. For those facilities that have embraced this new technology found the ability to implement cutting edge solutions and innovations resulting in better results for patients and the practice.
According to CompTIA’s “Fourth Annual Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities Study,” about six in ten healthcare providers have at least some elements of an EMR/EHR system currently in place. Providers rely more and more on mobility to effectively perform the necessary care to their patients and to benefit the practice. Some places are looking to reduce the amount of paper flow within the practice which eventually winds up being thrown away or misplaced. Electronic note taking via a tablet allows for better communication, less paperwork and record keeping.

The Simplicity of Mobility:

  • Capture charges anywhere, anytime
  • Manage charges
  • View visit history
  • Review bin
  • Add a new patient
  • Add a patient photo
  • Communicate with staff and patients
  • Gain access to your EHR templates and notes
  • Take your schedule with you
  • Color-coded appointments
  • Always up-to-date
  • Easily attach charges


  •  iPad
  •  Laptop
  •  Tablet
  •  Desktop